Physics 633/634 - Nuclear Theory

P633 meets MWF from 11:15 a.m. to 12:05 p.m in Swain West 217
Quantum and classical mechanics and Electrodynamics at the graduate 
level .  Knowledge of many body and relativistic quantum mechanics 
will be helpful but not required. We will introduce as much as needed. 
 Recommended : Theoretical Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, by J.D.Walecka,   
               Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems, by A.L.Fetter and J.D.Walecka
               Quarks and Leptons, by F.Halzen and A.D.Martin 
               Perturbative QCD, by T.Muta 
               Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory, by T.D.Lee
 General :     M.A.Preston and R.K.Bhaduri,  Structure of the Nucleus
               J.-P.Blaizot and G.Ripka, Quantum Theory of Finite Systems
               P.J.Siemens and A.S.Jensen,  Elements of Nuclei
               J.Blatt and V.F.Weisskopf,Theoretical Nuclear Physics
               J.M.Eisenberg and W.Greiner,Nuclear Theory
               J.D.Bjorken and S.D.Drell, Relativistic Quantum Fields
               B.L.Ioffe, V.A.Khoze and L.N.Lipatov,Hard Processes
               R.G.Roberts,The Structure of the Proton 
 Nuclear forces, the two-nucleon problem, theory of nuclear matter, 
 theory of electromagnetic properties of nuclei, nuclear models, 
 symmetries and the quark model, formulation of  Quantum Chromodynamics,
 asymptotic freedom, the parton model, nonperturbative methods and models of QCD. 
 Outline is also available.
Will be based on homework and there will be a home taking  exam. 
Homework will be assigned approximately one every two weeks 
(5-10 problems/month). 

Lecture Notes:
Will be scanned after each class and available P633, P634. 
Homework, P633: Problem set 1 , Solutions Problem set 2, Solutions Problem set 3 , Solutions Problem set 4 , Solutions Problem set 5 , Solutions Final , Solutions
Homework, P634: Problem set 1 , Solutions Problem set 2, Solutions Problem set 3, Solutions Problem set 4, Solutions Problem set 5, Solutions Problem set 6, Solutions Final , Solutions
Miscellaneous: Clebsh-Gordan coefficients from Landau & Lifshitz, from Edmond's and PDG , Properties of Wigner-D functions .