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REDCUBE: Research, Development, and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Web Guide for Non-Biologists[pdf, 9/8/99, 377K]

Why REDCUBE? Although physics-education research offers mounting evidence for the relative effectiveness of interactive-engagement methods, only a tiny percentage of physics faculty have thus far embraced such strategies. Although no statistics seem to be available, it would appear that the pace of educational reform in biology is more rapid than that in physics. Then too, the work in biology-education research sometimes reflects a deeper understanding of human nature and cognition than is generally found in its physics counterpart.

REDCUBE provides physicists and other non-biologists with a web window on the wonderful world of biology-education research and reform. It contains 47 biology-educator profiles; 446 references (including 124 relevant to general science-education reform); and 490 hot-linked URL's on (a) Biology Associations, (b) Biology Teacher's Web Sites, (c) Scientific Societies and Projects (not confined to Biology), (d) Higher Education, (e) Cognitive Science and Psychology, (f) U.S. Government, and (g) Searches and Directories. The references and URL's may be generally useful to teachers and education researchers, and provide some ideas for improving research and hastening reform.

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